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  • PIR and Mental Health Sector News

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The mental health sector is undergoinga period of major structural change. In this section we will keep you posted on all the latest news in the sector that relates to PIR work.

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ACE IT Toolkit

The ACE IT Toolkit is now available from the Flourish Website.  Its development was supported by PIR funding.

ACE IT is a result of extensive consultation and collaboration with

WIO Supports Services to be Inclusive and Accessible to LGBTI Consumers


Working It Out (WIO) received funding from PIR to: undertake Rainbow Tick LGBTI inclusiveness accreditation; increase WIO’s support capacity; increase referral pathways for LGBTI Tasmanians accessing support

Men's Shed for Ravenswood

PIR funded the Starting Point Neighbourhood House in Ravenswood to convert an existing building into a Men’s Shed.  The dedicated committee is negotiating lease of the land on which the building is located, engaging with interested men and starting work on the project (eg

Sheffield Focus on Their Youth

PIR supported (or provided) Kentish Family Support House with funding to support the needs of local young people.  The project involved a community event in Sheffield to raise awareness and provide education to the community on youth mental health.  Nathan Hulls spoke to

Flourish Regional Advisory Group on the West Coast

In 2015 Flourish had initial conversations with West Coast service providers about the lack of engagement and participation of mental health consumers in service delivery and advocacy.  PIR funded Flourish to establish an Advisory Group on the West

Flourish Service Standards - Consumer Participation Audit Model

Community Mental Health services are required to meet a range of service standards.  To assist organisations to achieve these standards, Flourish received a grant through PIR to develop a consumer-centred audit tool that will assist

East Coast Counselling

PIR funded Leanne McMurtrie to consult and counsel on the east coast of Tasmania, where there has been a significant gap in services for people with severe and persistent mental illness and complex needs.

A fortnightly service at Bicheno has been seeing a broad range of

Kentish community more aware of mental health

PIR funded Glenhaven Family Care, Kentish Family Support House (KFSH), to host a community event in Sheffield to raise awareness and provide education to the community on youth mental health.  The event involved students being introduced to the importance of

MHCT asks, “So what now?”

PIR has funded the Mental Health Council of Tasmania (MHCT) to conduct a project, ‘A new mental health system – what now?’

In January 2016 the MHCT identified a need to bring together the three agencies responsible for the implementation of mental health reform in

Men’s Shed

PIR has funded Karadi Aboriginal Corporation to construct and develop a men’s shed.  The attending men will be able to share their experiences and information about various issues they face, including mental health.

Men are presently engaged in the planning stage.  The group has