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A Fairer World: Hobart Human Library

Mon, 29/08/2016

PIR supported this project with funding.  The project sought to engage with people with a lived experience of mental illness in joining the Hobart Human Library and becoming a human book.

The Hobart Human Library provides an opportunity for self-advocacy – to allow people, through their own voice and their own story, the opportunity to engage in helping to remove the stigma that exists around mental illness and to improve community awareness and understanding.

Hobart Human Library reports, ”Our current ‘catalogue’ of books find the experience very affirming, empowering and rewarding, and it is our plan to provide this experience to a broader range of people who are marginalised in our community, including here those who experience mental illness.”

The funding helped:

  • Recruit and train several new “books” who have a lived experience of mental illness
  • Provide information/taster sessions allowing potential books, and support organisations and staff, to experience the Hobart Human Library first hand
  • Train several new “books” to tell their story.
  • With the presentation of one or two Hobart Human Library workshops including the Partners in Recovery 2016 Conference and another with PIR staff
  • Purchase materials to support the workshops (eg pull-up banners)

The Hobart Human Library said, “These outcomes of the project will ensure that we are able to continue to provide representation for this group through the stories shared in the Hobart Human Library.”