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Healthy Mind Body Soul - an Art Project

Thu, 01/09/2016

This project, funded by PIR, looked at creating an art space for the Aboriginal community to explore their healing journeys through art.  The project idea came about following many conversations that arose from a really tough time that the Aboriginal Community had with grief.  There was a realisation that when grief, depression and anxiety are linked they together can open up old wounds.  Something was needed to aid healing.

The project was comprehensive and tailored to suit different areas across the State.  The Community are the holders and caretakers of knowledge of the people and Country, and when the two connect the power of our Inner Spiritual Healing can be open to the powers of Cultural Significance on Country.  The artistic expression of Community telling their stories is a part of the healing process.

The positives for the Healthy Mind, Body and Soul project are sustainable and the achievements are endless. Together they are another step on the path of reconciliation, showing that health matters.

Our thanks to The Tasmanian Aboriginal Community, Elders and Community Facilitators, Janice Ross (project facilitator) and many others for their support for this project.