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WIO Supports Services to be Inclusive and Accessible to LGBTI Consumers

Fri, 20/01/2017


Working It Out (WIO) received funding from PIR to: undertake Rainbow Tick LGBTI inclusiveness accreditation; increase WIO’s support capacity; increase referral pathways for LGBTI Tasmanians accessing support through mainstream mental health service providers; and increase inclusive service provision to support LGBTI consumers experiencing temporary, acute and chronic mental ill-health.

WIO has done considerable work in assessing themselves against the accreditation standards and in undertaking training to provide support to LGBTI-inclusive services.  The Rainbow Tick standards are set around organisational capability, consumer consultation, LGBTI cultural safety, disclosure and documentation, professional development, and access and intake.  Following training, WIO has entered into an agreement to deliver the HOW2 training in Tasmania to organisations interested in improving their inclusion and support of LGBTI people.

Building on their existing work, Rainbow Tick accreditation, and the HOW2 program, WIO will increase the number of mainstream mental health and suicide prevention services providing inclusive care and services to LGBTI people in Tasmania.

WIO can be contacted on 03 6231 1200 if organisations want to register to receive HOW2 training.  The program is available to both private and public sector organisations.


WIO also received funding PIR to update, extend and moderate the Signpost website so that it would be extended to a statewide offering and strengthen relationships and service provision to LGBTI community members in regional remote and urban areas.

Signpost now offers information, access to support services and service providers in regional and urban Tasmania to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex and other sexuality and gender diverse (LGBTI) people.  It also provides links to local, state, interstate and national organisations that provide online, telephone or face-to-face information and support services for LGBTI individuals, families and friends.