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Past Conferences - 2015 and 2016

Practice, Service, System & Community Transformation Conference 2015

The Practice, Service, System and Community Transformation Conference was an opportunity for people from across all walks of life and support areas with broad experiences to come together to consider and contribute to ‘how we can be the best we can be’. Together we are responding to the needs of, and building capacity with people with mental illness, families, services and communities. This free conference was offered with financial support from the Australian Government.

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Partners In Recovery Tasmania’s Person Centred Practice in a Changing Environment Conference 2016

The Person Centred Practice in a Changing Environment Conference was held to consider how person centered practice can remain the focus as the mental health sector undergoes major reform. Internationally renowned local, state and national speakers were involved.  People living with mental illness, families and friends, community members, community groups, policy makers, service providers (from across a range of service responses including disability, housing, alcohol and drug) attended and contributed.

PIR Conferences are organised by Partners in Recovery Tasmania, which is funded by the Australian Government.

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