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  • Building Relationships and Communities Together

  • Building Relationships and Communities Together

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PIR for families and friends

Partners in Recovery (PIR) understands that sometimes family members and friends may need some support. PIR can link people to other supports.  PIR is family and friend inclusive and upholds natural relationships that support participants in PIR.

Many people have a natural group around them from whom they can seek support – perhaps people in their family, neighbourhood or social network with whom they have a valuable relationship. One of PIR’s tasks is to provide support for the natural group so that they, in turn, can support the person.

Sometimes it is this natural group who give long-term support - people who know the participant best and can give consistent support in a way that includes their particular cultural, community, personal and service needs.

PIR’s task is to encourage the natural relationships, groups and supports in a community to collaborate and cooperate, and to provide better responses for both the person who experiences severe and persistent mental illness and their families, carers and friends.

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