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  • Building Relationships and Communities Together

  • Building Relationships and Communities Together

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Tips to Support Mental Wellness

Communicate with me

I deserve clarity and honesty

Whenever you talk about me, invite me to be there.  Or at least speak as if I am present.

I may not connect well when you tell or correct me

Lead by example – your behaviour matters to me

Set time aside, I may not want to be rushed


Listen to me

Support me to live my life

I am the expert in my life so please hear when I ask for help

Only I can change me, so help me learn and reflect – that way we both learn

Avoid telling or correcting – ask me a question instead – one where I can select the answer

I need hope


See me as a neighbour

I am not a problem

I am not a deficit that needs correcting

I am not helpless, broken or a deviant

I am not your ‘client’ or ‘patient’

I don’t need a special program – I prefer something natural from my community

I am not your friend – just get to know me first

I am simply me, your neighbour


Respect me

You may see my behaviour as non-compliant – I see it as exercising my choice

Maintain a professional distance – let me take the credit for any changes

Show integrity - be an ally – and do me no harm

If helping makes you feel good you may need to examine why that is so – and be transparent about it

Support, lead and guide me to bring out the best in myself

Be responsible to me – not for me


Know that I am me

Journey with me, not in front or behind me

Work with me, not on me

Do not try and get inside my head – support me to do that

I am not always obedient, submissive and polite – so be patient when I do it my way

If you define me with labels, you limit possibilities

It may not be me that needs fixing – it just might be you, a service or the system

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