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System Change

Often people’s frustrations with "the system" are not limited to its failures to meet their own needs.

Issues they observe may include barriers to accessing services, or diversity, rights, safety, transport or accommodation problems. Sometimes it is the services themselves with which it is difficult to negotiate, or they have rules or practices that the person finds unhelpful.

A challenge for PIR in Tasmania is to identify situations where resources and processes limit people’s access to the services and supports they need. These may affect everyone, or relate to particular localities or regions, or groups of people (for example, of only one sex or age).

PIR Tasmania’s Support Facilitators are engaged in system reform activity as part of their work with individual people. The purpose is to identify issues that affect more than one person and where resolution of this issue is likely to take some time, and involve working with others.

System Reform works on those factors that influence a population’s health and their ability to control their health - the "social determinants" of health.  System Reform works locally with the individual, family or community, and on a sider scale with a sector, a system or a society.

PIR Tasmania collects information across Tasmania about the issues that communities are facing.  PIR talks with members of those communities about what changes are needed to address these issues.