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  • Building Relationships and Communities Together

  • Building Relationships and Communities Together

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What we do

Partners in Recovery assists people with severe and persistent mental illness and complex needs to access required supports and services. Where these supports are unavailable or inaccessible, PIR works to build capacity by identifying and addressing gaps and barriers.

Partners in Recovery employs Support Facilitators who work with each person, their family, friends, carers and services to facilitate a well coordinated response that addresses both clinical and community living needs. Support Facilitators work with people as being the experts on their own lives. By allowing and accepting people as the experts in their own lives, people make informed choices and self-direct their lives to reach their full potential.

Partners in Recovery (PIR) Tasmania is a collaboration between five agencies: Anglicare Tasmania, Colony 47, Richmond Fellowship Tasmania, MI Fellowship and Relationships Australia Tasmania.

Support Facilitators are working in every Local Government Area in Tasmania. They outreach throughout Tasmania and work sensitively and flexibly with people.