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  • Building Relationships and Communities Together

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Who is Eligible?

Partners in Recovery (PIR) supports people with severe and persistent mental illness who have complex needs. We also support their families so they can access the supports and services that will meet the person’s needs.

When we first have contact we assess eligibility for the program in accordance with these criteria:

  • The person has a diagnosed mental illness that is severe in degree and persistent in duration.
  • The person has complex needs that require services from multiple agencies.
  • The person requires substantial support and assistance to engage with various services to meet their needs.
  • There are no existing coordination arrangements in place to assist the person in accessing the services, or where they are in place, those arrangements have failed, have contributed to the problems experienced by the client, and are likely to be addressed by acceptance into PIR.
  • The person or their legal guardian has indicated their consent to being involved, and indicated a willingness to participate in PIR.

PIR will assist people with psycho-social disabilities to understand and access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).